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The Corona Virus and Medicare

April 15, 2020

The Centers for Medicare have opted to expand Telehealth services for Medicare recipients during the Corona Virus. These services can be received in your home, a healthcare facility, your doctor's office, nursing home or a health clinic in a rural area.

Participating health care practitioners include physicians, nurse practitioners, licensed social works and clinical psychologists. Consequently Telehealth services, though not exhaustive, involve routine doctor visits, counseling services, preventive screenings for cancers as well as other conditions.

A List of services covered by Telehealth can be found here.

If you should need testing for the virus, Medicare will cover all of the costs, including hospitalization and extra days if a patient was diagnosed with COVID-19. For further information and to stay current on the COVID-19 pandemic please visit the Social Security Corona Virus webpage.

This blog is intended for information purposes only and does not establish legal representation or financial guidance.