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The Appeals Process - Appeals Council

April 27, 2020

Once the Administrative Law Judge has rendered an opinion on your case and you disagree, you should appeal. The next phase is to appeal, in writing, online, to the Appeals Council. We can certainly help you complete this form, though it must be asked for within 60 days of your letter from the Administrative Law Judge.

The Appeals Council will make their decision whether to review your case within 60 days of the date of the Administrative Law Judge's decision.

It will be necessary to submit any new medical evidence to the Council when requesting review, especially if the new evidence would positively change your outcome.

Once the Council receives your appeals request, they can deny to review your claim again, or grant your request. Once approved, they have the authority to decide your case or send it back to the Administrative Law Judge for further examination. Should the Appeals Council agree with the Administrative Law Judge, they will send a letter to you and your counsel of their intentions. You will have an opportunity to answer prior to them making a final decision.

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