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Talking to The Social Security Administration by Telephone

April 3, 2020

At some point you're going to need to contact the Social Security Administration by phone. Waiting to speak with a representative may be time consuming, and also may require exercises in developing patience.

The Social Security Administration is a sizable operation, with multiple programs. When you call their number you're on hold for usually a very long time. You may contact them by phone, fax or mail.

Here are a few tips for helping you during this process:

  • When you talk to an SSA representative keep very good notes

  • Always ask for the representative's name, position and direct telephone number

  • Always put the date and time you spoke with someone at SSA

  • Make sure you write down everything you were told, if an action is to take place and the date that action will take place if that applies

  • Ask to speak with a supervisor, if it warrants such

  • Be very polite and try to develop a friendly relationship with the SSA representative

The good folks at the SSA want the same things as you do. You want your case resolved. So do they. There are some extremely kind individuals there, who work very hard to move these cases through the system effectively and efficiently. It's up to you to be persistent, patient and at your best when contacting them.

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