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Failing to Follow Your Prescribed Treatment

April 4, 2020

If you decide not to follow your prescribed treatment, and you do meet the requirements for disability benefits, you won't be entitled to benefits.

There is a three-prong test to determine whether you have failed to follow your prescribed treatment.

First, you have been found to be disabled.

Second, your doctor has prescribed a protocol for treating your condition and that condition is what you gained your disability eligibility for. Treatments can include medications, surgery, rehabilitative therapy, use of medical equipment for your impairment, such as a walker, or a device, such as a prosthesis, that assists you with your particular impairment.

This medical protocol is evidence and will be in your record. This includes the prescribed treatment at any time during your onset date.

Third, you were prescribed treatment and you didn't follow it. This can be as easy as a letter from the medical provider that you are not in compliance with treatment.

Always follow your doctor's orders and continue taking your medications and using whatever assistive aids you have been prescribed when you are seeking disability benefits.

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