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Applying for SSDI

March 24, 2020

An application for disability benefits should be filed as soon as you become disabled. But here's the twist: once you've been approved as having a disability, your benefits won't begin until the 6th full month of your disability. There is a five month waiting period involved. So, on the date you've been approved for your disability, the waiting period begins with the first full month after the date you were approved.

For example, your medical condition has finally caused you to stop working in March 2020. This is called your "alleged onset date" of your disability. Further, for the sake of ease in the discussion, say that you've made your Application to Social Security and your case was approved at the initial level. You've made it. There's no need for reconsideration or to go before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to appeal denial. Your benefits have been approved. So when do you start receiving your payments?

You start receiving money in September 2020. Counting the five months waiting period April, May, June, July, and August 2020. You are eligible to receive disability benefits beginning September 2020.

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